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Friedensau Adventist University is a state-accredited university run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It was founded in 1899 and can look back on a long tradition and a great deal of experience in study and teaching. 200 students from more than 30 nations are currently enrolled.

Students can choose between eight Bachelor's and Master's programs in the School of Social Sciences and the School of Theology. Some programs can also be studied part-time. And then, of course, FAU also offers the course “German as a Foreign Language”.


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TheologyBachelor of Arts TheologyTo know the Bible, to read texts in Greek and Hebrew, to understand and to interpret them historically and contextually, to learn to work with other people and to work for God.
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TheologyMaster of Arts TheologyTo continue the studies to become a pastor, to qualify yourself for a full-time job in the Adventist Church; to understand the Bible and its relevance in the 21st century; spiritual welfare, missions; work with children, youth and the elderly.
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TheologyMaster of Theological Studies TheologyStudies for future service as a pastor or teacher, or for other leadership roles in the Adventist Church worldwide and in mission work. Study courses are provided in English.
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Social WorkBachelor of Arts Social WorkSocial workers are professional problem solvers who help people create their own lives and manage challenges.
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Social and Health ManagementMaster of Arts Social and Health ManagementTo gain competence in the management of social healthcare, in the strategies of operationalization, in methods as well as in leadership and guidance approaches and their systemic, psychological connection, business administration.
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Music TherapyMaster of Arts Music TherapyTo connect music and therapeutical work, to help fidgeters or elderly people to get along with the world in a better way, to find new approaches in psychotherapy or in pain management.
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CounselingMaster of Arts CounselingTo help people manage the complexity of life; to learn the methods of counseling, as they apply to marriage, family and life in general; and to learn how to reach their career goals through research and internships.
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International Social SciencesMaster of Arts International Social SciencesDevelopment cooperation, humanitarian help, human rights work, management of anti-poverty programs, social security and peace work. Study courses are provided in English.
German as a Foreign Language German as a Foreign LanguageWith or without previous knowledge of the German language, the students will prepare for official German exams (Goethe B1 or Test DaF; beginner level B1 or B2) in this one-year course. The course contains exercises in reading, speaking and conversation, exposure to German culture and literature, as well as trips.
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Taster Studies

Get a feel for the programs and life at FAU. Benefit from taster studies for free at any time during the academic year in consultation with the Admissions Office.

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Frequently Asked ­Questions­

Icon FragezeichenIs a degree from a private state-accredited university comparable with a degree from a public university?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

From a formal point of view, the degrees of a public and a private university are usually equivalent – both of them enjoy full state recognition. Before a university is recognized by the state, it has to fulfill the same quality criteria as a public university. Since the so-called Bologna Reform, which is mostly standing for the introduction of Bachelor's and Master's programs, private and public universities pass the same process of accreditation that leads to recognition.

Icon FragezeichenAre the requirements for Bachelor's and Master's programs at public and private state-accredited universities the same?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

There are no big differences in the requirements between public and private universities. Students are only granted admission, if they fulfill the same conditions of enrollment required by public universities (university entrance certification).

The requirement for the admission to a Bachelor's program at FAU is the General Higher Education Entrance Qualification (Abitur). There is no numerus clausus at FAU. Students without the Abitur can also study at FAU, if they pass an assessment test.

The requirements for the admission to a Master's program at FAU is a university’s degree with a grade not worse than 2.0 or 2.5 – depending on the program. In Saxony-Anhalt, students without a formal first university’s degree, but with a professional qualification are still not granted admission to a Master's program.

Icon FragezeichenWhat about tuition? How to finance the studies?

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As a private university run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, FAU receives no government funding; it finances itself by tuition and, to a significantly greater degree, by the grants of the school authorities. Tuition varies – depending on the program – between € 2,100 (Bachelor's programs) and € 2,340 (Master's programs) per semester. The registration fee is € 380 per semester.

The students of Friedensau Adventist University may receive BAföG on application, if the conditions are fulfilled. The office for the BAföG is the Studentenwerk Magdeburg: https://www.studentenwerk-magdeburg.de/finanzierung/bafog/

The students of Friedensau Adventist University can take up student jobs to earn up to € 450 per month. During the semester, the students should not work more than 20 hours per week.

Students from foreign countries can apply for DAAD scholarships and receive up to € 250 per month (at a maximum of nine months per year)

Icon FragezeichenDo the students need to belong to a religious community or a church?

Icon Ausrufezeichen

No, people with totally different world views are studying at Friedensau Adventist University: Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists.
As a denominational Adventist institution we demand respect for other religions, ideologies, and cultures. We are convinced that faith, education, and lifestyle belong together, and we strive to reflect a spirituality in the daily life of the University that is founded on the Gospel.

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To apply to Friedensau Adventist University, please send the signed application forms to:

Irina Heinz, Head of the Admissions Office, International Student’s Registry
Phone: +49 (0) 3921 219 16 134

Roland Fischer, Rektor
Prof. Dr. Roland E. Fischer

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